Upbeet + Rooted - Who We Are

Upbeet + Rooted is a women-owned marketplace, a community where vegan, plant-based, and cruelty-free lifestyles come together to live out our mantra, do no harm, through our thoughtfully hand-picked foods, products, and goodies from small businesses across the country. 

Upbeet + Rooted exists to empower a no-harm world for the good of animals, people, and small businesses across the globe.

Why Upbeet + Rooted is beneficial to customers.

Animals First - No-harm products only, all in one place, to enable no-harm living and cruelty-free consumption.
Total Transparency - We make no-harm living easy, fun, and approachable. Every item is handpicked and vetted to support vendors who share our values while taking the guesswork out of the customer experience.
Thoughtful Products - Upbeet + Rooted is an ever-evolving community committed to doing no-harm, a mantra that goes beyond food and features hip and modern brands to support a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle.



Upbeet + Rooted has seriously upped the vegan game in Chicago! As a plant-based brand, we love aligning with other plant-based or mission-driven organizations. Kim and Diane are so passionate about what they do, and have curated the best vegan brands. Working with them and being part of Upbeet + Rooted has been a dream!

Niloo Mirani, Founder Niloofar

Being part of Upbeet & Rooted was a game changer for Nemi. I’m a super new brand and Upbeet brought the exposure I was looking for to test my product, get feedback and connect with my target market. The vibe was energizing, I met other amazing brands and I loved being part of the Upbeet community. Can’t wait for them to have another one in Chicago and join! 

Regina Trillo, Founder Nemi Holisticks

"The energy at the Upbeet and Rooted Market is vibrant. Not only did I feel incredibly welcomed by the hosts Kim and Diane, but my fellow vendors as well. There are friendly faces and talent at every booth, sharing their vision of what a cruelty future looks like."

Max Musto, Founder Herbivore