Upbeet + Rooted?

"Well, naturally a good place to start is with the name! There’s a lot to be said about a name, and there is something about Upbeet + Rooted that gets me excited and interested to learn more. Upbeet + Rooted, through its play on words, genuinely conveys a fun and playful attitude as well as an introduction to its concept: a vegan marketplace. And that is what you will experience at Upbeet + Rooted, a fun and playful experience with local vendors serving up plant-based eats. As a vendor, I like the fact that Upbeet + Rooted makes it is easy for me to get exposure to a target audience that is interested in the products I am selling. I also like (wait, no love) the fact that Upbeet + Rooted is a woman-led business, whose founders are supportive of other female founders."
Denise, Founder Seed and Shell