Here's the deal
So you want in on our family? Yay! But please read the info below. 
Guidelines for Applicants:

- Vendors must have a vegan or plant-based item or be a sustainable product. NO animal products.

- If you are requesting to share a vendor spot, each prospective participant must fill out an application prior to approval. 

- Every application is submitted to the panel of hosts and the U+R team for approval. 

- Applicants will be notified of acceptance/denial within 1 week of receipt of application.

- Trademarked items are prohibited to be sold. These include a trademarked name, word, phrase, logo or symbol that a company uses to identify its products and/or services. 

- Approval/disapproval of one market application does not guarantee approval/disapproval for every market thereafter.

-Applicants are encouraged to apply even if they are not accepted every market. It is important to U+R to keep our pop-ups unique, different, and evolving from market to market. We want to make sure that vendors who want to participate get a chance to, if they are a good fit.


- We will be using all of our social media outlets (Instagram, Eventbrite, and Facebook) to feature vendors. Please make sure you send high quality photos when you apply, so that we may pull from these. Each maker will receive a few files that we encourage you to use on social media to promote the event.

- Promoting MUST occur at least once a day for one week up to the market.

- We will release announcements to the press, publish the event on online, do extensive social media promotion, as well as place posters and postcards all around the city leading up to the event.